The Crown is an American television drama series created and written by Peter Morgan for Netflix. It is produced by Sony Pictures television and Left Bank Productions.


The series will dive into the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Peter Morgan, who wrote 2006 film The Queen and the recent stage play The Audience, is teaming up with director Stephen Daldry.

This is Netflix’s most expensive drama to date, and the first series to be made in the UK. All ten episodes of The Crown’s first season will be available to stream on Netflix. The series will follow the young Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she begins her reign and her husband Prince Philip (Matt Smith) as he struggles to serve her. Other stars include John Lithgow as Winston Churchill and Vanessa Kirby as Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret.


Main cast

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II
Matt Smith as Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret
John Lithgow as Winston Churchill
Jeremy Northam as Anthony Eden

Recurring cast

Jared Harris as King George VI
Ben Miles as Peter Townsend
Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary
Victoria Hamilton as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Harriet Walter as Clementine Churchill
Alex Jennings as Edward, Duke of Windsor
Pip Torrens as Tommy Lascelles
Greg Wise as Lord Louis Mountbatten
Kate Phillips as Venetia Scott
Daniel Ings as Michael Parker


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The series is intended to relay 10 years in 10 episodes per season and, should it come to pass, a planned 6 seasons would cover just about the span of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.[1]


Season 1 of The Crown premiered on November 4, 2016, and consists of ten one-hour episodes.


  • Head of Netflix confirms that there are six seasons planned for The Crown.[2]
  • Morgan originally envisioned three seasons chronicling the young, the middle-aged and the elder Queen Elizabeth.[3]


The crown netflix

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